D K Elliott lives in Florida and is an active member of the Lagoon Writers League of South Florida. He has degrees from the State University of New York (BS), Columbia University (MS) and The Union Institute (PhD). He left a multifaceted business career to teach at the University of Georgia prior to retiring

The League conducts workshops for writers interested in joining a writers’ group, drawing on our ten year experience as a successful group conducting literary research, editing and offering constructive criticism. We seek to encourage writers to form a writers’ group that advances their development, leading to publication; define the parameters of an effective group; specify guidelines for writing standards; describe alternative avenues for publication; list resources to assist in these tasks.

D K Elliott writes fiction centered on mystery and intrigue afoot in our National Parks. The main protagonist in each novel is Pat Marshall, a successful female entrepreneur who becomes entangled with espionage agents, terrorists, insurgents and government agents when attempting to fulfill her civic commitments. The first two novels are introduced with synopses and extracts. A third novel  is in process.

D K Elliott reviews books he has downloaded on Kindle under the byline Baddog. See reviews by clicking or inserting the following in your browser: http://www.amazon.com/gp/profile/A1LKDK0LF25Q5W


2 Responses to Home

  1. Fred West says:

    Way to go, Henry, Richard, Harry, Dick…May the Force be with you…

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